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The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW) is the charity partner of national parks and wildlife services across Australia. We are a non-government organisation with a mission to safeguard our ecosystems, wilderness, and flora and fauna now and for future generations.

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a better future

Conservation protects our future.

In Australia today, millions of hectares of habitat have no permanent protection. Sadly, without a lasting form of protection, habitats can be degraded or destroyed and a high rate of species extinctions is the result. In fact, Australia has lost two of its unique mammals to extinction since the year 2000. Since European settlement, over 40% of our forests have disappeared. When the land is not managed to protect natural biodiversity, we endanger our native species — many of which are found nowhere else on earth. And when we lose them, they are lost to the world forever.

We believe in conservation, not only because it protects native plants, birds and animals, but also because it protects us. After all, you simply can’t be healthy in an unhealthy environment.

By acting now to protect nature and prevent extinction, we can secure a better future for all.

You can act now to safeguard

Australia for future generations

Permanent protection means habitats and species can survive and thrive, creating a healthier tomorrow for our future generations. At FNPW, we believe the answer to our environmental issues focuses on people and conservation. By encouraging people to care and to practice more positive ecological behaviours through environmental education, we are protecting and conserving habitats in the most secure way possible, while making it available for you to access and enjoy.

Impact you can see

For 50 years, FNPW’s conservation efforts, in partnerships with scientists, community and indigenous groups, individuals, and government agencies, along with our amazing supporters, has protected our land and species for future generations. Our involvement across all states and territories includes hundreds of conservation-based research projects, grants to protect habitats on private land, national park creation, and protected areas across Australia.


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50  years  young

and counting

Since 1970, FNPW has been protecting land and species for future generations. We care about our parks and wildlife so that all Australians can enjoy these natural gifts.



With the support of, and in partnership with, governments, business, community, and people like you, we have invested more than $60 million to make conservation happen in Australia.



FNPW involvement across all states and territories includes hundreds of conservation projects. But we still need your support — there are many ways you or your company can get involved.

Our natural heritage

disappears faster every year

The extinction crisis unfolding in front of our eyes.

Australia has the highest rate of mammalian extinction in the world over the last 200 years. More than 50 animal and 60 plant species have been lost, and more than 1,800 plant and animal species and woodlands, forests and wetlands are now at risk of extinction due to the combined pressures of climate change, land use practices, habitat loss and invasive species. FNPW helps concerned Australians who can’t bear to let this happen on our watch to address these issues.

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