WA’s Woylie Survival

Unfortunately, since the 1990s, woylie numbers have decreased by over 90%. It was suggested that stress may be making the woylies more vulnerable to parasite infections so with help from FNPW, Stephanie Hing from Murdoch Univeristy, set about investigating possible links between stress, immunity and infection in woylies for her PhD.
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QLD Seagrass Dispersal

Research is underway into the link between endangered Green Sea Turtles, vulnerable Dugongs, and seagrass, to increase survival rates for all. Floods and cyclones wiped out 98% of the seagrass meadows between Cairns and Townsville (over 400 km!) in 2010-11, which saw a more than double increase in annual dugong and sea turtle deaths in 2011-12.
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Christmas Island Reptiles

Reptile species only found on Christmas Island are being saved from extinction through a captive breeding program established in 2009. Since then, FNPW and our supporters have funded two projects in 2013 and 2015 to house the growing reptile populations.
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