Heritage Estates

Jervis Bay, NSW

  • YEAR: 2016
  • STATE: New South Wales
  • FOCUS AREAS: Growing Parks/Healing our Land/SDG 15: Life on Land

Heritage Estates is an important tract of natural vegetation that contains a wide range of species and allows them to travel between Booderee National Park and other habitats. Developing it would isolate the species within Booderee, making it a much less healthy habitat and ecosystem.

In 2009, a residential development proposal for Heritage Estates was rejected under the Federal Government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act). This was due to the land’s significant biodiversity values and the impacts development would have on Booderee National Park.

FNPW support

This project was funded through generous donations from FNPW supporters across Australia and beyond.

Project overview

The Australian Government, through its Caring for our Country grant program, provided more than $5.4 million to fund the project, which is being managed by FNPW. The project will see the purchase of as many lots within Heritage Estates as possible for inclusion into Jervis Bay National Park, for permanent protection.

FNPW contributed $60,000 in initial funding to this project and recently agreed to provide an additional $7,748 to fund works to help restore degraded public land within the Estate by managing uncontrolled runoff, repairing erosion sites and stabilising degraded land to reduce the risk of future environmental damage.

Adding these lots to the National Park will provide added security to the habitats of the 26 threatened species known to exist in the area including the endangered Eastern Bristlebird and the vulnerable Leafless Tongue-orchid.

Local and state governments are also playing critical roles in this project. Shoalhaven City Council is donating the land it owns within Heritage Estates to the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage for inclusion in Jervis Bay National Park. It will also at the appropriate point rezone all remaining privately-owned Heritage Estates lots to E2 Environmental Conservation.

By adding these lots to Jervis Bay National Park, important habitat for threatened species will be protected. A wildlife corridor connecting Jervis Bay National Park and Booderee National Park will also be preserved.


FNPW supports projects across Australia. In the spirit of reconciliation the we acknowledge the Traditional Owners of Country and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.


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