FNPW launches Manyana Conservation Fund

FNPW is pleased to announce the launch of the Manyana Conservation Fund, a fundraising appeal launched to buy back unburnt forest in Manyana, on behalf of the Manyana Matters Environmental Association (MMEA).

It’s a significant step forward for the Manyana community and their supporters, who have been striving for several months to protect the biodiversity hotspot on the NSW South Coast, and the threatened species that depend on it.

An extraordinary number of conservation dependant species have been recorded on and adjacent to Manyana’s magical forest including the critically endangered Scrub Turpentine and Swift Parrot and the threatened Gang-Gang Cockatoo, Greater Glider, Glossy Black Cockatoo, the Powerful Owl, the Southern Brown Bandicoot, the Grey-Headed Flying Fox and the Large Bent-winged Bat.

Donate to the Manyana Conservation Fund


Donations made to the Fund will go towards the purchase of unburnt habitat, as well as ongoing conservation and management of native forest in and around Manyana. As the fundraising partner, FNPW will provide a platform for donations to be made securely by the Australian community in support of the cause.


FNPW CEO, Ian Darbyshire says there has never been a more important time to conserve what remains of Australia’s natural environment, particularly following the horrific bushfires of 2019/20.

“Now more than ever we are committed to healing our land. We lost so much in the devastating bushfires, so every single tree, plant and animal plays a vital role in healing our damaged habitats and landscapes.

“We’re proud to support the Manyana community to protect our natural environment for the generations to come.”

MMEA President Bill Eger says he’s delighted to have the support of such an experienced and respected national body.

“The Foundation has achieved some important milestones over the past 50 years in conserving Australia’s wilderness and wildlife. Having them onboard as a fundraising partner is a major step forward in our campaign to save the Manyana forest.”

Donate to the Manyana Conservation Fund


Manyana Conservation Fund (About the fund) 

Manyana Conservation Fund is dedicated to the purchase, as well as the ongoing conservation and management of unburnt forestand any wildlife habitat in and around Manyana. Your donation will go towards preserving the Manyana land, its wildlife, habitats and regeneration, particularly post bushfires.

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50 years of growing parks and saving species

Reflecting on the last 50 years, we have collectively achieved so many valuable milestones that have contributed to the overall biodiversity and expansion of our natural environments across Australia. It is our promise that moving forward, we will continue to build on this important work for generations to come. Thank you for your ongoing support.


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