Bushfire Recovery Grants

The Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife (FNPW) is seeking to deliver a program of support for a national Bushfire Recovery program across SA, QLD, Victoria & NSW over a period of 3 to 5 years.

FNPW will be holding grant rounds to support this program from 2020 to 2023 and beyond.

Funding priority areas

  • Restore – Supporting natural regeneration & revegetation projects
  • Support – Restoration of Australia’s bush by collecting seed and setting up seed banks
  • Rebuild – Assistance to rebuild lost community nurseries, or to expand your current nursery to grow bushfire recovery plants
  • Grow – Your impact in bushfire recovery through webinars & workshops on designing recovery projects and best practice in bushfire restoration

Projects which include more than one community, nursery, or planting site or those that can support propagation and restoration activities across regions are encouraged.

When can you apply?

All Bushfire Recovery grants will be listed on this page when they become available.

Expressions of interest are now being taken for organisations requiring support for bushfire recovery revegetation projects.

Organisations are encouraged to submit an Expression of Interest to FNPW for through our Bushfire Recovery EOI form.


How can you apply?

FNPW Bushfire Recovery grants are administered through the FNPW SmartyGrants Portal and will be listed on the portal when they are open for applications.

Latest news on this project.

As of January 2021 the FNPW Bushfire Recovery Grants have supported:

  • Restoration works in Kosciuszko National Park focussing on the planting of Mountain Pygmy Possum Habitat, installation of bat boxes, bird and bat survey, erosion control measures in vulnerable bog areas, and seed collection in unburnt areas after the 2019/2020 bushfires
  • 10 small grants to support immediate on-ground works including mapping of indigenous heritage sites and monitoring of threatened species populations following the fires and  citizen science and education programs to support ongoing restoration of fire impacted areas.
  • Grants to upgrade 4 community nurseries to support the revegetation and restoration of areas in and around bushfire impacted regions

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As part of FNPW’s Healing our Land initiative, our focus is to repair the damage inflicted on our country following devastating bushfire events. With over 12 million hectares of national park and bushland affected in the 2020 fires and an estimated one billion native animals losing their lives, the initiative will focus on the regeneration and recovery of Australia’s flora and fauna.

Bushfire Recovery Nurseries

FNPW Bushfire Recovery Nurseries project that includes grants to support community nurseries currently in and around bushfire impacted regions.

Kosciuszko National Park

This project focuses on unburnt areas of Kosciuszko National Park after the 2019/2020 bushfires including the planting of Mountain Pygmy Possum Habitat, installation of bat boxes, bird and bat survey, erosion control measures in vulnerable bog areas, and seed collection.

Plant a Tree for Me!

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